Monday, December 28, 2009

All Good Things Must End

Ok, so I have been gone for a while. I have been busy with non internet-y things, like family, vacation and holidays. But really, I love the internet and nothing can keep me away for long. The truth is I have been thinking. Thinking about this blog and that someone has been reporting my doings to others. Now, I don't do a lot that is report-worthy, but I would really rather not even worry about it.

So my thought is to start another blog somewhere else in blog land. If you are interested in continuing to follow me, shoot me an email or leave a comment and I will give you the new address when I get around to starting it. Probably in the next week or so.

It should be interesting, as we are having a re-org at SPL and I will be moving to a new branch. This new branch is very busy with lots of interesting things going on. A lot of other people will be moving too and things will be hopping for a little while. I will talk about those exciting issues, daily library life and about volunteering/mentoring stuff. Less about family and personal life--which I am sure bored everyone to tears anyway. It is hard to completely leave it out, so I won't try, but less with the life updates and more with the library and teen stuff.

Ok, I am off to cook a duck. TTYS

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