Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What is a PSA?

Well, my position as a PSAII, tech liaison, and North Region Substitute is slightly different than others. A PSA is mainly library support staff that processes delivery, returns, runs the circulation desk and can have a variety of other responsibilities.

The “II” designation in my title indicates that I am an “in-charge” person; I can open and close the library, sign sub-sheets, deal with un-ruly patrons and emergency situations.

The “tech liaison” designates that I am a person that receives information on how to deal with reoccuring technical problems, usually with patron or staff pc’s, and who sends in tech reports when equipment or software malfunctions.

The “North Region Sub” makes me very unique. There is only one of these positions in each region of Sno-Isle. Unlike other subs, I have a set schedule. Most of my shifts are at Arlington, but at any time when another library in the North Region needs an “in-charge” person, and I will be called away to that library. There are four other North Region libraries besides Arlington, and I am also scheduled to visit these once a month, except for Stanwood where I go every other month. Part of this position includes writing a monthly report detailing what I see at these other libraries, which is submitted to the Regional Manager. This gives her insight into what is going on in these libraries that she might not see when she visits them.