Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Eh? Whats that you say?

Rereading my last post, I realized that I never mentioned that Dr. T has moved into my humble abode. The basement seems a little smaller, but much more lovely. Also, no more of that pesky packing a bag to stay over, not being sure where my shoes are and getting woken in the morning by delivery trucks at the Lake City Library. I know, he lived right behind a library. Meant to be, no?

He has been a real trooper wedging himself into my place. He got rid of a lot of his furniture and we have bought a lot of new things to try to get his stuff in here. Right now we are looking for "the perfect storage cabinet." We have found a couple on Craigslist, but either they are taken or they aren't quite right. We found our new kitchen table right away though. I closed my eyes, clicked on a link and there it was.

Ooh, funny somewhat related story. It was rent time, and we had never nailed down a price for having Dr. T here. My landlords are awesome and good neighbors too (here they shall be called LL M and LL A, because I am librarian and we like acronyms). They have been very kind in keeping my rent affordable through the last 3 years. LLM came through to bring in the mail and say hi around rent time and I asked him how much he wanted. I will preface this by saying that I just got in from a 9 mile hike and was sweaty and dehydrated. I swear to you I thought he said a bajillion dollars. My brain went foggy and I mumbled something about having to talk to Dr. T about it and how I didn't think it would be that much. We exchanged a couple of pleasantries and he went back upstairs.

I was in a total funk. I had thought I had paying my student loans and getting a lesser paycheck because of the furlough licked and backed into a corner, but here were a few simple words that made me feel like it was 6 years ago and I was unemployed again with now way in hell to pay the bills. That monster was rearing its ugly head. I pouted around and when Dr. T came home I told him the news. He looked at me a bit funny and we decided to talk to LL M after dinner. I kept putting it off, thinking it was going to be the worst, but finally we went up and talked to him. I asked how much the bills were every month (because the increase was only supposed to include half the utilities) and he showed me. I asked him a couple more questions, then finally burst out with "but how does that add up to a bajillion dollars?" He started cracking up and said "no, I said $125 more a month." I almost died of embarassment. Dr. T made a joke about how I get my hearing tested every 6 months (which happens to be true recently). How silly.

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