Monday, November 26, 2007

Daylight Moon

Daylight Moon
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One of the amazing photos I took while in Nevada. The trip was wonderful, even though The Boy and I are both suffering from different technology afflictions. He is addicted to MySpace and texting and I am addicted to IM and email. Terrible.

His addiction has led to a restriction on his phone and internet privileges. Mine has subsided and can be attributed to a new relationship. I am just addicted to this new person. I can't say how long it will last, but it seems to be mutual. And it makes me happy.

In other technology news, I finally figured out how to play music on my phone (the LG 9900 ENV), without buying the $30 software. It only took a couple of quick google searches to find the necessary information. I bought a little micro sd a couple of months ago in preparation. I figured out that it needed to be formated, and what the lock numbers were--that was a challenge--and lo! Music! On my phone! And it seems to be as good as my ipod mini shuffle, and I can see the song info...

I also called the phone company and turned off The Boy's texting and ring tones. Off. As in none.

Now I am watching Rushmore for the first time. It is quite enjoyable. I can't believe I didn't see it sooner.

Back to work tomorrow. I am looking forward to it!

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Thursday, November 22, 2007


"Does that sparkle with all the girls?"


Good thing I am not doing that NaBloPoMo, or I would be sorely failing. Right now I am in sub-freezing temperatures in a place that doesn't have enough moisture for snow, or even frost. I am feeling the happy buzz of good people, food and memories. The Boy is watching last weeks South Park episode, which my sis and I happen to have already seen. We are sitting and making jokes, laughing and calling out spoilers. The Boy is game, he likes to know what is happening before it happens...

What is it about pre-travel trials that makes me into a complete bundle of nerves? I ran around and swore and promised The Boy bodily harm if he didn't start doing his homework. Then I explained my weird mood and assured him that anything I said during this time was not reality. We got to the airport with the help of SJ, who put up very well with my insane directions and time management issues. For the first time ever we breezed through security (usually I am the one they stop, put in the plastic room and blow air at.) When we sat down at our gate with a half hour to spare, I finished my pen pal's hat (in glaring pink and black--I almost feel that I have to explain to the people around me who it is for...). I was much more sane at that moment. Everything else has been gravy.

We have made the rounds of calls to family, loving them every minute in their absence. Now we are ready to sit down to this meal of thanks. We are thankful, each of us. Most of all, for this stress free day.

And thank you for all our friends and family we love so much.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shimotsuma Monogatari--Two Thumbs Up!

Have you ever watched a random movie and had it simply and totally make you happy? I was reading "missed connections" the other day when I was in need of amusement and read some reference to this movie, Kamikaze Girls. I was thinking it would be some morally questionable flick with girls chasing each other in their underwear. But hey, the library had it and I put it on hold.

What a gem! The original story line was amazing and the bright and spunky acting of the two main characters was refreshing. I was glued to the screen the whole time. I won't tell you the will have to watch it for yourself, or look it up on Wikipedia, because they will tell you all. I will tell you that there were Japanese city and country scenes, scooters, scenes that reminded me of Amelie and others that reminded me of Kill Bill. I want to read the novel and the manga that go with it.

~Sigh~ Now I can go to bed with a big sappy grin on my face. ;)


Monday, November 05, 2007

Pain in my Turbo Boosters

I am officially an old lady. I am sitting here with my heating pad and my hot spiced cider watching the 1986 version of The Transformers, complete with the soundtrack by Metallica. The previews were for GI Joe and Jem (you know, that show about the superhero/superstar and the badguys were a "death metal" band called the Misfits). It is really funny sitting here watching the old school animation, listening to Metallica ballads. It was quite the blast from the past.

The reason for the heating pad is that my fingers have been going numb while I sleep. It wakes me up throughout the night, so I haven't been sleeping well. I went to the doctor last Monday and she prescribed muscle relaxers and massage. I tried the muscle relaxers at night and finally had to cut back to a quarter of the pill so that I wouldn't feel like a zombie the first half of the day. Today I went for a massage, and I swear the I am going to have bruises. I like deep tissue, but man, did that little Asian lady beat me up. Even though it hurt, I could tell it was working so I didn't complain. She said I was really tight between my shoulder blades and in my arms and said I should use a heating pad so my upper back didn't tense up again.

On that happy note, here is the original Transformers trailer:

Notice that the little boy has a hoverboard, just like in Uglies, although his is combustion powered rather than magnetic.

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Push to Select

My Extras review got posted on the new Push to Talk blog at The Seattle Public Library. I hope to have more going up there soon. Make sure to check out the blog and tell me what you think of the layout and content.

Right now, I am cold! So very cold. And now it is warm in here, and I am still cold... The heat wasn't on this morning when I came to work. I had heard a rumor that one had to "reset" the boiler, but I wasn't expecting to be the only one of authority here today, so I didn't think to find out how such "reset"ing was done. So I called around until I found someone that could help. And now the heat is on, but I fear it is too late for my poor circulation and that I shall be dying of hypothermia any minute.

There are a lot of cute young dads with toddlers that come in here. I am sure they are all married, or close enough, so I don't flirt with the dads (unprofessional any-who) but I can flirt with their cute little kids! I have to practice somehow.

A woman came in today that did not introduce herself but dropped hints that she used to be a librarian for this system. She asked me several pointed questions about selection, which I answered. She threw some blame at all the "bad librarians" there have been over the years (certainly not me! ;) and stormed that none of the books she ordered in 1965 were still in our collection. Eventually her tirade came around to her point, that it was bad that selection had been centralised and that we were only given nominal control over our collections in the branches. I sympathize with her, but I also feel that the money and hours dedicated to researching selections are better spent in outreach and patron services. I doubt we could have such rich teen programming--or teen services librarians at all--if librarians spent all their time doing selection. For the sake of quiet and sanity in the library, I nodded and smiled and said I understood and she blustered out the door.

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