Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Little Bit of Everything

I haven't been here for a little while. Everything is going great in Libraryland. Right now I am planning a series of writing workshops. These will be kicked off with an all ages Zine workshop and end with an open mic. The workshops will cover short story , journal and poetry writing. I am pretty excited about this one. I am also having a gaming day early in March on an early release day. Wii! DDR! Apples to Apples, Uno, Scrabble!I should check in with Starbucks about donating some snacks.

I also just planned a relaxing vacation to Whidbey Island. And then I of the days is 3/17. St. Patricks day... so I guess I am missing the drunken debauchery that my family celebrates every year. I hope my sister can forgive me. I already put a deposit on the hotel though. :( I will be able to go to my new nieces baby shower though. That will be lovely.

One of our LA's has been out for the last week. I feel terrible--she fell getting off the bus and sprained her ankle. Usually one of us gives her a ride home, but I was going somewhere else that night and the other LA was on vacation. I hope she is feeling better soon. Tonight I worked with two LA's from other branches. I helped a lot with circulation tonight. It certainly passed the time quickly.

I am really quite achy right now. I hope it goes away soon!

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Thursday, January 24, 2008


Originally uploaded by Srcsmgrl
The event was great! All of the artists showed up and were wonderful about interacting with the patrons. I had 28 people show up between the ages of 5 and 60. The illustratists talked and showed off their original work, then people drew for an hour and we gave out prizes for the best ones. I will be taking pictures of the art work as soon as I remember to bring in my camera again.

Here is a link to the rest of the flickr set.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008


This is likely to be my coolest event yet. Tomorrow. Aaaauugghhhhh!


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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Love, Loss and Disappointment

I am feeling much better than I was this weekend. Thank goodness for a lot of rest. I was so excited that the season 1 of Twin Peaks came in for me that my plan last night was to sit and watch as much as I could before I dropped from exhaustion. Unfortunately, I got it home and disk 2 was missing. I should have checked when I picked it up, but I was so excited. Then I was so bummed. So I watched disk 1, thinking I could skip disk 2 and watch the others, but of course there was a cliff hanger at the end of episode 2. Totally not fair! I am taking it back today and will probably have to wait a couple of weeks for another to come in. I hope someone turns in the missing disk.

A friend of mine was talking up the new Terminator show. I was skeptical, but when I heard that Summer Glau was in it, I had to see it. Luckily Fox was running the second episode online--wish they had the premier...--and it was really good. I like the actress playing Sarah Connor (Lena Headey), and John Connor (Thomas Dekker) is suitably cute in a teenager sort of way--he also played Zach in Heroes. There was a lot of action and the special affects were great. The story was good too, even coming into the second episode cold. So that is what I stayed up late watching instead of Twin Peaks.

I just finished reading Options by the Fake Steve Jobs. It was interesting and annoying at the same time. I enjoyed the writing but I really wanted to know what was real and what was fake in this parody of the Apple CEO's life. I hear that this book came out of a blog by the Fake Steve Jobs (AKA Daniel Lyons), which I can see being a fun thing to check out every now and then. This book covers the time when a lot of companies in the Silicon Valley were being targeted by an investigation by the government for options fraud. If you like sarcasm and imagining the neuvo rich as supreme a-holes, I recommend it.

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Monday, January 14, 2008


Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and congratulations. I am ecstatic about my new/old job. Right now, though, I am dizzy. I was feeling better this morning and planning on going to volunteer after an excursion to REI, but it seems that a little outdoorsy shopping has taken its toll and I don't think that driving any more today is a good idea.

I did get The Boy's board waxed and bought myself some new poles, thanks to a gift certificate from my step-dad! That rocked. Now I have boots and poles and am going to borrow some skis from a friend that I may end up buying if they work well. I am almost back to being a real, bona fide skier. Maybe I will finally get up to the pass more than once a year.

I still have a lot of prep to do for the Comixtravaganza on Friday. I have to order the pizzas and see if I can get some drinks donated. I also need to make sure I have some emergency paper, pencils and pens on hand for the entrants. Everything else is in place though. I might cover the tables in butcher paper to make sure we don't get marker on them... Did I mention that I am dizzy?

... /wanders off staring at the pretty lights/

and nope, no medication today.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Yay! I am gainfully employed! For the first time since 2003, I have a real job. Not that I didn't love and appreciate working as a waitress or in the school computer lab or in circulation for Sno-Isle Libraries, but none of that ever felt real. Didn't help that most of those were barely 20 hours a week. Working for SPL the last year and a half has been great as well, and I have learned so much there. I am so happy to be staying. And to make the libraries I work in a part of my life.

Yes, I know I am gushing (gross!).

If I weren't sick today, I would be out shouting to the world. But as it is, I have a stuffed up head, sore throat and I am dizzy as all heck. Probably not a good idea.

There will be a party.

Now I am just waiting for my boyfriend to bring me my phone charger and Pho. :D Good to have such a person in my life.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

You have been so patient!

The interview went ok. I spent two days agonizing over every little thing I said and this manifested into a creaky neck and back which led to a headache. I went and got a massage last night and that helped immensely. So now I am still slightly worried, but feeling much better. I should know by Monday or Tuesday of next week. They are doing the final interviews today !?!!

Otherwise, life is just pretty normal. My New Year's resolutions all involve getting my finances under control instead of letting them control me. Having a job is an important part of that goal.

The new guy is still around. I hit the milestone of calling him my boyfriend a couple of nights ago when he met one of my friends. The funny thing is that I didn't even notice that I said it till after. Usually I would worry about whether he was ready to be called such, but we are so comfortable together, there is no worry here. He has met several of my friends now and most of my immediate family--which some of you know is immense and strung out across the state.

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Friday, January 04, 2008


Originally uploaded by Srcsmgrl
I came upon this beautiful piece of graffiti art today on my lunch and I wanted to share it with all of you. We don't often see graffiti of this caliber here--usually it is just a lame tag with little thought put into it. I am sure this will be painted over in no time.

Got to be bad cop with The Boy today. Funny how I can't stand fighting with adults--to the point where I actively avoid talking to a person I can forsee fighting with--but I don't mind putting my foot down with my kid. I got a call from my ex during lunch. Boy was he mad! He had to drive all the way to The Boy's school to give him his diabetes stuff because he forgot it (again) and then the kid gave him 'tude! We discussed it and I told him we shouldn't let his friend come over to my place this weekend. No rewards for trollish behavior. So I called the school and left him a message to come home after school and that his buddy couldn't come this weekend. I get a call back moments later "What!?!" Sorry bud, you are under arrest. The end. Fun lunch, I barely got a bite of my apple.

Oh, and guess what! I have an interview for my job on Tuesday! Wish me luck!!!

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My (Very Small) Teen Area

It was really hard to to get a whole picture, because there are lots of things in the way, like shelves and patrons. Here I have display on top with reviews stuck in the books. My own reviews seem to sell books the best, but sometimes I have to steal* them from various sources.

In this oddly angled shot, you can see that on the left is fiction, with display on top, then the manga and comics are under the window at the end:

And this is my display board at the other library. It is really nice to have this much room to work with there.

So there you go, pictures galore.

*Steal--meaning borrow, except I don't intend to return them...

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